Real Estate Loans


Loan Amounts $250,000 to $50,000,000


eQcho Captital considers the total picture of the borrowing entity, including individuals, the specific property type, State and local license(s), operational history and overall transaction, offering diverse loan terms with an efficient process and underwriting review.  Once all documents are received from the borrowing entity, we can generally approve a loan within 45 days.  We specialize in the unbanked or underbanked Real Estate loans.  The properties are usually held in a separate entity like LLC OR corporation.   The client will work directly with our creditors for the best structure of the loan.  After some basic items needed for letter of intent, the client will get approximately the terms and conditions for the loan.  Then they will move directly to underwriting, order the appraisal and environmental on the property. Interest only and short terms with long amortization options available. 

  • Purchase

  • Refinance

  • Greenhouses

  • Construction Loans

  • Commercial Bridge Loans

  • Cash-out and expansions considered

  • Lease Options to purchase

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum 580 Credit Score

  • Loan Amount to not exceed 50 M

  • Max 70% loan to value

  • Proof of funds for down payment (purchase/construction loan)

  • Proof of income source for payments (Rent Roll or Cash on Hand)

  • Detailed description of the property

  • Use of Funds for loan

  • For each owner (10% or more) of the company, provide the following:

  • Two years personal tax returns

  • Commercial Loan Application (1003)

  • Personal Financial Statement

  • Tri-Merge Credit Report

  • Biography of borrowers

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